Tropical Water Lilies - Nymphaea

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Day Bloomers

Albert Greenberg: Light orange to apricot flowers contrast beautifully with mottled light green foliage.

- Reddish-orange, blooms that fade to rusty orange; leaves are green with dark, reddish-brown patches.
August Koch: Soft lavender-blue blossoms rise above deep green foliage. Viviparous. Colorata: Blue-purple flowers with solid green foliage. Small African species. Good for small ponds or container gardens.
Crystal: Don Bryne discovered this pure white viviparous lily. Lush Green leaves with dark maroon streaks. Director George T. Moore: Dark cobalt blue blossoms with lightly blotched foliage. Beautiful specimen.
Douben: Beautiful blossoms that change from almost white centers to pale blue edges. Good lily for small ponds or container gardens. Can do shade. Evelyn Randig: Pink flowers contrast beautifully with dark maroon mottled foliage. Similar to queen of Siam.
Green Smoke: Unique, greenish-yellow flowers with petals tipped in lavender.

Gypsy -
Rose then white pink mauve.


It is the first lily ever to have spotted petals throughout is purple star shaped flower. Heavy bloomer.

Jack Wood: Lime green leaves with deep fuchsia pink, almost red blossoms. Large flowers and large spread.

Moon Beam-
Pale blue green flowers, green pads.

Moon Dance -
Very free flowering. Pretty white flowers. Leaves are dark green.

Nora: Lavender-pink flowers above heavily mottled foliage that is very compact. Good for small ponds. Viviparous. Pamela: Rich sky blue blossoms. Profuse bloomer.
Panama Pacific: Deep purple flowers with rich green foliage. A solid performer, very popular. Viviparous.
Purple Zanzibar :
Deep blue purple cup, green foliage.
Queen of Siam: Dark pink blossoms with maroon mottled foliage. Highly viviparous.

Ruby: Pink bloomer with compact growth habit. Viviparous.
Shirley Bryne: Pink cup shaped blossoms. Brilliant green foliage. Viviparous.
Sunrise -
Giant canary yellow blossoms. Petals are long, narrow and curve inward slightly. Dark green foliage. Flower shape is star like. Slightly fragrant.

Suwannee Mist: Light pink-lavender flowers with lightly mottled foliage. Will bloom in the shade. Viviparous.

St. Louis Gold: Olive green leaves with rich bright yellow blossoms. Profuse bloomer.

Star of Zanzibar -
This lily has gorgeous blue flowers and richly mottled foliage.

Tina: Multi-colored blossoms in shades of purple, blue and pink. Lavender stamens. Viviparous.

White Delight: A special white, because the flowers are large and contain 30 petals. A profuse bloomer that needs space.    

Night Bloomers

Missouri: Beautiful pure white blossoms held high above strong green foliage.
Mrs. George C. Hitchcock: Large pink flowers contrast beautifully with dark greenish-bronze foliage.
Red Flare: Deep red flowers with reddish foliage. Beautiful specimen. Limited availability.


Rosa De La Noche -
Creamy white to pink, reddish green foliage.
Tiger Lotus: White blossoms held high above olive green foliage. Large spread.
Wood's White Knight: Large pure white blossoms contrast beautifully with bright green foliage. Compact habit.

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