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Variegated Sweet Flag - Acorus Calamus 'variegatus': 2' to 3' Beautiful green and cream striped foliage persists all summer. Leaves are sweet scented when broken. Loves full sun.

Water Plantain - Alisma Plantago-aquatica: 2' marginal. Flowers June, July and August. Small white flowers sit atop attractive foliage. Sometimes referred to as Water Baby's Breath. Sun or Shade.

Yerba Mansa - Anemopsis Californica: 12" -18" Native to the southwest USA. This plant is also known as 'common Herb'. Has many medicinal properties. Has a vigorous growth habit producing pups on the flower stems which continues almost year round. Will grow in most any light conditions. Evergreen.
Variegated Mediterranean Reed - Arundo Donax 'Variegata' : 5' to 10' Marginal. Flowers Sept., October. This thick stemmed plant produces an abundance of creamy-white variegated foliage. Best suited for large ponds or as a specimen in a container.

Canna 'Bengal Tiger' - Bengal Tiger: 4' to 5' Marginal. Flowers June, July and August. Beautiful green and creamy yellow striped foliage persists all summer. Bright orange flowers. Loves sun.

Native Yellow Water Canna - Canna flaccida: 4' to 5' Marginal. Flowers June, July and August. Large bold yellow flowers sit high atop beautiful light green foliage. Excellent season long bloomer. Sun to part shade.

Imperial Taro - Colocasia Antquorum 'illustris': 2' to 3' Large green leaves blotched with violet black. Leaves appear textured. Will tolerate sun but does best in part shade.

Black Magic Taro - Colocasia Esculenta 'Black Magic': 4' Marginal. Dusty charcoal black leaves on dark burgundy almost black stems. Can do full sun to shade. When grown in shade, leaves will emerge dark-green then turn black.

Variegated Crinum - Crinum Americanum 'variegata':2' to 3' Marginal. Flowers on and off throughout the summer months. Large bulbs produce narrow green and white foliage with thick flower stalks that present pure white blossoms. Very fragrant. Can do sun but, does best in filtered light.

Umbrella Palm - Cyperus Alternifolius: 4' to 6' Marginal. An all time favorite featuring umbrella-like foliage above stiff stems. Great for natural filters. Thrives in moving water. Can tolerate shade but prefers sun.

Dwarf Umbrella Palm - Cyperus Alternifolius 'Gracilis': 1' to 2' Marginal. A smaller version of umbrella palm. More erect habit. Compact and easy to grow, well suited for any size pond. Full sun to part-shade.

Mexican Papyrus – Cyperus Giganteus: 8' to 10' Marginal. Showier and more upright than Egyptian Papyrus. An awesome specimen plant. Excellent for natural filtration in large ponds. Limited availability. Can tolerate some shade.

Dwarf Papyrus - Cyperus Haspan: 1' to 2' Marginal. Dense tufts of foliage above stiff stems. Golden-green flowers turn a rusty bronze in late summer. Easy to grow pond favorite. Sun to part-shade.

Giant Egyptian Papyrus – Cyperus Papyrus: 8' to 10' marginal. Stiff triangular stems present attractive “brooms” of needle-like foliage. The heavy flower clusters cause the stems to weep gracefully. Can do sun to part-shade. Good for large ponds or bag gardens.

Dwarf Bamboo - Dulichium Arundinaceum: 1' to 2' Marginal. Flowers July, August. Compact bamboo like foliage this plant is excellent for border planting. Good for container gardens due to small size. Flowers are unusual. Sun to Shade.

Marble Queen Radican - Echinodorus cordifolius: White patches on large green foliage with white flowers.

Radican Sword - Echinodorus cordifolius: 3' Marginal. Flowers early summer thru Sept. Huge melon shaped dark green leaves. Long arched stems covered with clusters of white sagittaria-like flowers. Makes new plantlets on spent flower spike. Can do sun or shade. Good for large ponds.
Horsetail - Equisetum hyemale: 3' Marginal to 18" depth. Jointed stems, very distinctive. Cylindrical habit when grown in a container. Evergreen. Sun to part shade. Good for bog gardens.
Dwarf Horsetail - Equisetum Sciropoides: 6" - 8" Also known as 'Scouring Rush'. The dark green wiry foliage is evergreen. Thrives in moist soil to shallow water. Can do sun or shade. A unique texture plant to add to the waters edge.
Scarlet Rosemallow - Hibiscus Coccineus: 6' to 8'. Flowers July and August. Numerous large scarlet-red flowers. Intricately cut foliage turns a rich, deep red in the fall. Excellent specimen. Self seeds. Sun to part-shade.
Chameleon Plant - Houttuynia Cordata 'variegata': 6" to 18" Marginal. Flowers May, June. Multicolored red, blue-green and yellow heart-shaped foliage with white flowers. Soapy fragrance when leaves are crushed. Can do sun but, does best in filtered light. Leaf color varies with amount of light.
Spider Lily - Hymenocallis Liriosme: 3' marginal - Flowers march , April. Strap-like leaves with decorative and extremely fragrant pure white flowers, easy to grow. Likes sun to part-shade.

Gold Strike Rush -
Juncus effusus: Fantastic yellow and green stripes that run the full length of each and every stalk.

Corkscrew Rush - Juncus Effuses 'Spiralis': 12" Unusual dark green corkscrew stems. Creates a mound of unique texture to any pond. Evergreen, Preferring sun to part-shade.

Blue Medusa - Blue Medusa Rush is similar to Corkscrew Rush (Juncus effuses spiralis) in form, but grows larger by approximately 6 inches.

Singapore Cardinal - Lobelia Cardinalis: 6" to 1'. Flowers Sept. thru November. Tall spikes of intense red flowers rise high above reddish-green foliage. Reproduces readily. Evergreen. Sun to part shade.

Mosaic Plant - Ludwigia Sidioides:
Flowers August. The diamond shaped foliage forms an incredibly unique pattern on the waters surface. Requires very warm water to perform it's best. Occasionally produces yellow flowers but this plant is mainly grown for it's foliage. Considered an annual in North Central FL. Does best in shallow water or containerized gardens.
Varigated Water celery - Oenanthe Javanica 'Flamingo': 1' to 2'. Flowers July and August. Bright pink with green and white foliage. Pink is brightest in the spring and fall when water is cooler. Excellent for bog filtration. Evergreen. Sun to part shade.
Golden Club - Orontium aquaticum: 1' to 2' Marginal. Flowers April, May. Unique white and gold flowers held high above waxy-green foliage. Loves part-sun to shade. North American native, requires very little care.
Arrow Arum - Peltandra Virginica: 2' to 3' Marginal. An attractive plant with dark green arrow shaped leaves. North American native. Easy to grow. Likes part-sun to shade.
Obedient Plant - Physostegia Leptophyllas: 18" to 3' Marginal. This plant was formerly known as 'Florida Crypt'. This perennial blooms in early spring with pale pink to lavender colored delicate blossoms. Self seeds. Plant thrives in cooler weather. Can tolerate some sun but prefers shade.

Red Plantain
- Plantago Atropurpurea: This cultivated form of Plantain is mainly grown for its rich maroon foliage.


Pickeral Rush - Pontederria cordata: 2' to 3' Marginal to 18" depth. Flowers mid May thur Sept. A native with all the best features. Bright lavender flowers attract bees and butterflies. Excellent filtration plant. Easy to grow. Perfers sun.
Crushed Ice Sagittaria - Sagittaria Graminea 'crushed ice': 12" - 21" Marginal. Strong variegations make this a vibrant addition to a water garden. Prefers afternoon shade to get the best variegation. Self seeds.
Duck Potato - Sagittaria Lancifolia: 3' Marginal to 18" depth. Flowers mid-May thru Oct.. Sword-like leaves. Bloom spike towers over plant, white flowers with yellow centers. Self seeds. Excellent for filtration.
Arrowhead - Sagittaria Latifolia: 2' Marginal. North American Native. Flowers May thru August. Wide arrow-shaped foliage. Delicate white flowers with bright yellow centers. Self seeds, easy to grow. Likes sun to part-shade.
Aztec Arrowhead - Sagittaria Montevidensis: 2' to 3' Marginal to 18" depth. Flowers mid-May thru Sept.. Strong, Showy rich green foliage. White Flowers with burgundy markings and bright yellow centers. Self seeds. Easy to grow. Can do sun but, does best in filtered light.
Lizards Tail - Saururus cernuus: 1' to 3' Marginal but can do deep water. Flowers April thur July. Delicate fragrant cream colored blossoms. Triangular leaves. Self seeds. North American native. Easy to grow. Thrives in shady ponds, can tolerate some sun.
Zebra Rush - Scirpus Ancestries spp. Taber 'Zebrinus': 4' Marginal. Bold green and white banded foliage make this plant truly unique. Variegation may fade as summer progresses.
Water Canna 'Thalia' - Thalia dealbata: 6' Marginal. Flowers July thru Sept. Bold dramatic foliage. Long, arched stems of lavender flowers swag in the breeze. Loves sun.
Tiger Grass - Thysanolaena Maxima: 6' to 10' Marginal. This Asian native grass has a bamboo like appearance and grows to 10' tall. This evergreen blooms in late summer with foliage turning gold in the fall. Leaves tend to curl at night re-opening in the AM. Can be grown in or out of the water. Good for large ponds. Sun to part-shade and is salt tolerant.

Variegated Cattail -
Typha latifolia variegata:
Captivating green and white striped leaves which grow 4 to 6 ft. tall and 3 in. cinnamon brown cattails create a stunning accent.

Calla Lily - Zantedeschia Aethipica: 2' Marginal. Flowers May, June. Glossy arrowhead-shaped leaves of stately grace create the ideal background for the beautiful pure white blossoms. Evergreen if mild winter. Loves part-sun to shade.

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