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We offer a variety of aquatic plants available after March 21st, 2014.
Please have a look at our Plant price list.
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Tropical Water Lilies
- Day and Night bloomers available. Generally possess leaves and blossoms that are showier than hardy lilies. Most are quite aromatic. Flowers mid-May thru first frost.  Perennial.

Lily-like Aquatics - These plants are strictly aquatic with their leaves floating on the surface.

Lotus - Lotus are spectacular plants with vibrant blossoms and luxuriant waxy-green foliage that cups upward.

Pond/Marginal Plants - Marginal water plants grow in shallow water or in moist soil around the perimeter of the water garden. The largest selection of water plants falls within this group.

Submerged Oxygenator Plants - This group of water plants grows beneath the surface of the water. The name "oxygenators" is also used for them because they release oxygen into the water during the day as a process of photosynthesis. The primary function of these plants is to remove excess nutrients from the pond, thereby reducing the growth of algae. They also provide spawning areas and protective cover for fish.

Floating Plants - These water plants float freely on the surface of the water garden. Floaters help reduce algae by competing with nutrients, shading the water to help keep it cool, and by lowering the amount of light that penetrates into the water.


We carry Koi, Comets, and Shubunkins. Prices vary on size. Call us at (352) 381-9966.


Serassa Comet


Butterfly Koi



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We do not ship plants or fish.

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*Please do not use prohibited plants in your container garden or your pond:
        Hydrilla, Hyacinth and Water Lettuce.
These plants cause extensive damage to waterways and natural bodies of water. Our environment in Florida is easily damaged and not so easily repaired. 



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