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Hardy Water Lilies    $25.00
    White, Yellow, Pink, Red, Orange

Tropical Water Lilies        $25.00
White, Yellow, Pink, Red, Rose,
    Purple, Orange, Blue

Night Bloomers                $25.00
White, Red, Pink, Rose

Lotus                                 $50.00
Full size/Dwarf

Giant Egyptian Papyrus
                            Large   $75.00
                            Small    $25.00

Misc. Pond/Marginal Plants - Potted $8.00
Horsetail Rush, Water Poppy, Giant  Poppy, Cannas, Variegated Sweet Flag, Spider Lily, Crinum, Variegated Crinum, Lizard Tail, Dwarf Papyrus, Dwarf Umbrella Palm, Umbrella Palm, Singapore Cardinal, Wedelia, Pickeral Rush: blue, Sagittaria Lancifola, Giant Snowflake, Giant Sensitive Plant, Scouring Rush, Water Plaintain,Taro: several varieties, Red Stem Sagittaria, Arrowhead, Snowflake: white, yellow, Water Hawthorne, Egyptian Papyrus, Dwarf Bamboo, Thalia, Golden Club, Amazon Sword, Aztec Arrowhead, Radican Sword, Variegated Water Celery, Assorted Carnivorous Plants

Hybrid Louisiana Iris        Gallon Pot  $7.00
Over 120 Colors

Submerged Plants             Bunch  $1.00
Anacharis, Cambomba, Rotala, Bacopa, Parrot Feathers, Hornwort

Floating Plants              Portion     $1.00
  Azolla (fairy moss), Duckweed,
Frog Bit

Bamboos - Potted                   
Mexican Weeping, Dwarf Mounding, Black,
Dwarf Clumping, Goldstripe
*Other varieties and prices on request. 

Alocasias        $10.00
Lime green, Variegated, Monstrosa

*Some plants we have on hand at all times - others  can be ordered and arrive within 5-7 days.

 *Please do not use prohibited plants in your container garden or your pond:
        Hydrilla, Hyacinth and Water Lettuce
These plants cause extensive damage to waterways and natural bodies of water. Our environment in FL is easily damaged and not so easily repaired.

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