Lily-like Aquatics

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Snowflake - Nymphoides Cristata: Flowers May thru Sept.. Green leaves mottled with red. Clusters of small white flowers. Reproduces readily. Does best in part-shade.
Giant Snowflake - Nymphoides Indica: Flowers May thru Sept.. White snowflake shaped flowers are produced continually above smooth, round lily-like leaves. Reproduces readily. Large spread. Sun to part-shade.
Yellow Snowflake - Nymphoides Geminata: Flowers May thru Sept.. Reddish brown and green lily-like leaves are extremely decorative. An attractive background for the bright fringed yellow blossoms. Sun to part-shade.

Water Poppy - Hydrocleys Nymphoides: Flowers thru October. Small round leaves float on the water surface. Bright yellow poppy-like flowers. Mostly evergreen. Will do sun to shade. Reproduces readily.
Giant Poppy - Hydrocleys Nymphoides 'venezuelan': Flowers all summer. Similar to water poppy but a much larger version. Leaves have a more upright habit. Reproduces readily, large spread. Good for natural filtration. Will do sun to shade.

Water Hawthorne - Aponogeton distachyus: Flowers Sept. to April. Fragrant white flowers above slightly mottled green and red leaves. Thrives from fall to spring when water is cold. Goes dormant as water warms. The only winter bloomer. Likes moving water. Self seeds. Sun or shade.

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