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Frog's bit - Limnobium spp.: Flowers July, August with tiny white flowers. Shiny smooth leaf surfaces are supported underneath by thick spongy tissue. Light green undersides show slightly for contrast. Long white roots.
Common Duck Weed - Lemna Minor: Tiny green floating leaves. An excellent natural food for pond fish. Can take over in a stagnant pond if no fish are present. Sun or Shade.
Parrot Feather -  Myriophyllum Aquaticum: 6" Feathery medium-green foliage grows above and below the surface. Softens the hard edge of the pond. Spreading habit. Thrives in sun to part-shade. Loves running water. Hardy to zone 6.
Dwarf Red Stemmed Parrot Feather - Myriophyllum spp. :3 "- 4" Feathery foliage resembles larger version but it's much more delicate. Bright red stems add color, remains compact. Evergreen in North Central FL. Sun to part-shade.

Mosaic Plant - Ludwigia Sidioides:
Flowers August. The diamond shaped foliage forms an incredibly unique pattern on the waters surface. Requires very warm water to perform it's best. Occasionally produces yellow flowers but this plant is mainly grown for it's foliage. Considered an annual in North Central FL. Does best in shallow water or containerized gardens.
Fairy Moss - Azolla Caroliniana: Attractive green and red floating fern. Fish love to eat this floater. Can be aggressive if no fish are present. Sun or shade.
Giant Sensitive Fern - Aescchynomene Flutans: 6" to 10" Flowers early summer thru fall. Fern-like plant floats on the surface suspended by a foamy tissue surrounding the stems. Leaves close when touched. Yellow sweet pea like flowers. Fast spreading, good for large ponds.

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