Container  Gardens

Watergardening without the pond:

Appropriate Containers:

Containers can range in size from a 2-gallon planter with no drainage for a specimen plant to a 30-gal. or larger free standing patio pond. There are an abundance of planters with either no drainage holes or plugs that can be inserted. They can be found in Wal-mart, K-mart, Home Depot or your local garden center.

    If you choose a porous one that is not waterproof - such as a terracotta pot - you can seal it with Thompson's Water Seal (the latex based) or with a Neoprene Rubber Coating available through the pond trade. Little Giant also has a barrel kit available with a flexible liner that can be used either in a barrel or to line a wooden box or other unusual containers.

      If you want to put goldfish in your garden you should have a container that holds at least 20-gal. of water. Other choices for smaller containers are Gambusi (mosquito fish), tadpoles and snails.


    We suggest either leaving the plants in the pots or putting them in panty hose with gravel in the bottom for stability. This makes it easier to remove the plants if you need to clean the container or trim or split the plants.

    Plants that require different depths can be placed on either bricks or an upside down plant pot to place them at the proper depth.

    Adding a small bag of carbon to the container will help to keep the water clear and prevent odors. You can buy it at an aquarium shop or your local wal-mart, etc.

    Adding a small recirculating pump or an air stone will also help to prevent the water from becoming stagnant. These are usually available for less than $30.00. They can also be used to add a decorative element to the garden.

Appropriate Plants:

Potted: Dwarf lily, Snowflakes, Papyrus, Horsetail, violets, taros, water plantain, Singapore Cardinal, Swords, Louisiana Iris, Water Poppy, Dwarf Umbrella Palm, Dwarf Cattail, Dwarf Bamboo, Scouring Rush, Spike Rush, Native Cardinal and Alocasias. 

Floating: Parrot Feathers, Duckweed, Azolla (fairy moss) and Frog Bit

Submerged: Anacharis, Cabomba, Bacopa and Dwarf Val

Most bog/marginal plants can grow in sun to partial shade - Lilies require a little more light overall but there are a couple that do bloom in shade: Dauben, Colorado, Tina and Suwannee Mist.

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